Black ops 4 Zombie Gauntlet information

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All you need to know about Call of Duty black ops 4 zombie gauntlet.


Black ops 4 has brought new life into their long running zombies mode. A game mode that started as a in house joke for the developers, has spun into the successes that it is today. With this next coming update, some new changes will be added to the game mode. Some really big and others are small. Lets jump into it.

With the recent content drop, there are five different zombies maps that are available to the player with the release of the Dead of the Night map on all platforms. The zombies team at Treyarch is focused on developing and improving the zombies mode and releasing more content for player in 2019. This week, they are introducing the first series of this year’s new Zombies features and content with Gauntlets. This mode is launching first in Voyage of Despair and the addition of three new Elixirs on PS4. This update will also bring new balancing changes to existing Elixirs. This gauntlet mode is described as a round-based challenge mode. Each round will have its own challenge. Completing enough rounds will net the player new unlocks and goodies. It was also tease of some more content coming soon for zombies.


One of the smaller update coming out soon is the crossover of more multiplayer weapon camos and skins. From their Reddit post, “Many of you have been asking about bringing Gold, Diamond, and Dark Matter camos over from Multiplayer into Zombies and Blackout, particularly after the recent launch of Weapon Camo support in Blackout. We hear you, and we have a feature incoming that will support equipping these camos in all modes while preserving what those camos represent. There is a reason these specific types of weapon progression camo are not shared across modes: they are designed to represent that players have completed a mode-specific challenge progression. Gameplay is very different across Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout, and we want the bragging rights that go with these camos to mean something in the modes where they’re shown off. As such, we’re building out Mastery Camo progression systems in both Zombies and Blackout that have unique, custom-tailored challenges that will represent that players have completed challenges designed for the modes where they are equipped.

We’re planning to deliver Mastery Camos in both modes in late January.” This means any skins or camos unlocked in the different game modes will be useable in zombies mode. This will give the player more customization when it comes to there guns.

            Hopefully this break down helps. It seems like 2019 is going to be a big year for Zombies content and for players that love the game mode. Hopefully it will bring a more rewarding experience for the players and the fan base. If you need a level up, or want to get to the next tier, please visit our Black ops 4 Gauntlet Boosting Tab for more options. Stay frosty.