Black ops 4 latest game update - Decemeber 4th.

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Black ops 4 lasted update (12/4/2018)

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 received an update Tuesday and adds general gameplay tweaks and adds so other things as well. The patch notes for this recent update, posted by Treyarch on the Call of Duty Reddit page, states a whole list of PC changes. Also, this update adds new changes to team deathmatch mode and changes to Black Out.

One of the changes that came to the PC is the ability to change how the jump/mantle works. On PC now, players can set it to only mantle on a second press of the key that is bound to jump/mantle. This means players could jump over a barrier to get a sneak shot in and not have to worry about their character going over it and causing them to miss their shot or got shot at by the enemies. On paper, it really seems like a small tweak, but it is there if you want it. This update also addresses some graphical issues that would cause black and white arrows to stay on screen.

For all versions of Black Ops 4, the Team Deathmatch game mode has been updated. The score limit has been changed from 75 kills to 85 kills. This is so players can actually use their abilities and have a better chance at getting their higher score streaks. Now for the Black Out mode, this update fixes graphic errors with the H.U.D. This bug caused the Deploy button to remain on the screen.

Though one problem that has not been fixed or addressed with this new update the issues relating to Aim Assist and the Deadshot Dealer perk not working properly in Zombies mode. Another issue that Treyarch is working on a fix for the players that are having issues with Death Stashes in Blackout. Treyarch released a post saying "We will release a fix for both issues once we've tested them thoroughly--thanks for your patience.”

Here is the full break of the Black Ops 4 December Patch Notes


·         PC 1.08 title update including new Mantle option

·         TDM score limit change to 85, Chaos Domination, and Safeguard on all platforms in Featured

·         Zombies Origins Character Missions in Blackout on Xbox One/PC

·         The Blight-Father event in Blackout on Xbox One/PC

·         General bug and glitch fixes in MP, Zombies, and Blackout


·         Multiplayer

o   Featured Playlists updates

§  TDM 85 added to Featured.

·         Team Deathmatch with a score limit of 85.

§  Safeguard added as Featured Playlist (Xbox One/PC); remains in Featured category on PS4.

·         Escort the robot into enemy territory to secure the win.

§  Chaos Domination added to Featured category.

·         Zone capture time reduced to 3 seconds.

·         The round score limit has been increased to 150 points.

·         The match score limit has been increased to 300 points.

§  Hardcore Kill Confirmed added to Featured category.

§  Control added to Featured category.

Miscellaneous Update fixes

·         Update addresses the issue where the game could freeze when a player inspected their Player Card immediately after entering a lobby.


·         Miscellaneous fixes

o   Addresses the issue where a bug prevented the player from equipping Warpaints to their zombies’ characters.


·         Miscellaneous fixes

o   Addresses the issue where a bug could cause players to receive an error/game crash after pressing the Deploy button in the Blackout lobby.


·         Stability Fixes

o   Fixed a game crash that could occur if the player lost internet connection or disconnected.



·         Character Missions

o   Zombies Origins Character Missions (Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, Richtofen) available to find and complete.


·         Blight-Father event enabled in all playlists.

o   Reduced the health of the Blight-Father in Solo and Duo playlists.


The following updates are live in the game on PC today, including the changes above and in this week’s global 1.08 update, in version 265.44(57).12.0.x.0.24825 :


·         Mantle

o   Added an option to change Jump/Mantle keybind to only mantle on Second Press.

·         Create-a-Class

o   Addressed an issue that caused the left navigation arrow to be missing for Custom Classes.

·         Miscellaneous

o   Fixed a graphical issue that would cause black or white squares to display.

o   Fixed an issue where the wrong static reflection could cause some surfaces to appear with improper lighting.


o   Maps

o   Temporarily replaced Seaside Sunset and Firing Range Night with standard daytime versions in map rotation to accommodate playlist updates. These night map variants will be re-introduced in a future update.

Hopefully this helps make sense of all the changes that came with this past update.  If you need help getting to the next level or do not have the time, please check out our COD Boosting tab for our options. Keep your aim high and stay frosty.