Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Ranked Play

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Black Ops 4 feels like an ever-evolving game. It feels like week to week, Treyarch and Activision add new content to the game. Tweaking it and making each week different from the last. In the next couple of weeks, Black Ops 4 will be receiving a major update. League Play is making its return to the game series. For some of the new players that do not know, League Play is Call of Duty’s answer to competitive gameplay. League Play was introduced in the Black Ops 2 and was left out in Black Ops 3.

                In League Play, ranking up is a lot harder to do and pits players against equally ranked. The added benefit is that you are not put against people that are in much higher skill ranking then you. On the flip side, it is going to be a lot harder to get out of that rank bracket. So, if you are the kind of person that does not play much of the multiplayer side of the game, it is going to be difficult to place high in the rankings. If you do find that you are struggling to get to the next tier, please check out our COD Boosting tab for our options.

                The added bonus to Treyarch adding League Play back in the series is that they are pushing for Call of Duty to be competitive again. With them bring back League Play, they are also going to be launch the World League Hub. This is where players can view live matches, view stats, and much more. This is going to push for a competitive ecosystem similar to how Overwatch and League of Legends handle theirs. The World League Hub wont launch until December with no official date released at the time of writing.

                Even though we will not see the World League Hub until next month, Activision and Treyarch have released some of the features that will come with League Play. Features like game modes, events that players can participate in, and professional matches that all players can spectate. These features will bring back the competitive spirit that has been missing in the game series for a long time.

                One of the biggest game modes that is being added in this update is called the Pro Series. The Pro Series is a game playlist that will have the same set up as matches in World League. This covers the maps used to how the teams are set up in the different game modes. Pro Series is a great way for players to practice and form teams.

For the players that are interested in a ranked experience that is a little bit more like the current multiplayer set up, there are going to be new League Play Events. These events will make up a lot of how competitive works. Instead of the system that was in Black Ops 2, which was based off a ladder system that allowed players to climb or drop in rank over time, the new system in Black Ops 4 will have events for League Play that will last for around three days. These events are how players will gain or lose ranks.

For players that are Looking for something that does not have the same pressure as League Play, a new event will be added called Gauntlets. This event will task players with getting a number of wins before they reach a number of losses. So basically, get in as much wins before you strike out.

With this competitive addition, clans will be added. On paper, they seem similar to how the clans work in Destiny 2. So, players will be able to chat with clan members, form teams, and do a whole bunch of other things as well. These clans also cross over into Zombies and Black Out.

                This update will be coming in December, so be ready for it. It will add a lot of content to the game that feels needed. It will be interesting to see where is goes and how much of a success it will be. Remember, if you need help getting that next level up or just do not have the time, please check out our COD Boosting tab for more options.