Gauntlet mode guide and tips

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Gauntlet mode guide on how to defeat it.


We will look at the newly introduced Call of Duty Black Ops 4 zombie mode called Gauntlet and give you a short guide on it and how some of our boosters play it.

This mode comes with Gauntlet challenges in each round for the players to complete in order to advance further. Now we will take a quick look at every round that is available at the moment.

Just as a Classic mode, in the new Black Ops 4 mode, the players start with 200 health. You receive rewards after every 10 completed rounds. The Gauntlet has 30 rounds that the players have to survive and complete the challenges along the way.

In the first round as soon as you start, your first challenge is to complete round 1 without taking any damage. You have to play safe and watch your back, because the zombies can sneak up on you.

For the second challenge, zombies can only be killed by the equipment you got. Some cod black ops 4 boosters use the Wraith fire and wait for the zombies to group up as many as possible, before throwing one down.

The third round is equipped with a melee only challenge, so the player must use melee only. It takes about three hits with the knife to kill only one zombie, so the boosters might recommend not doing this when they are grouped together.

The fourth challenge, the player need to have only one perk active by the end, so what some players do is staying at spawn for the first couple of rounds and setting the slot to the cheapest perk in the loadout, in order to save points.

In the fifth challenge the gauntlet players have to use the Essex Model 07 lever action rifle only, to complete the challenge. The Essex shotgun is most effective with headshots, so aim at the head.

For your sixth challenge , all you need to do is activate the Sentinel artifact , but on your way there you’ll want to collect a couple of things, before you leave spawn, by the door that leads into staterooms pick up the shield piece. Then as you make your way through the bridge collect the other shield piece. When you get to the first-class lounge pick up the crack and upgrade parts so you can activate the artifact.

In the seventh round, the player must possess the shield by the end of it. At this point you should have two shield pieces, so head to the third-class provisions area to find the third. The cod bo4 boosters would also activate the turbine room pack-a-punch alter, as well as drain the engine room’s water. When you’ve got the third piece, go to the poop deck and build the shield.

The eighth challenge has a no buy situation, so you cannot purchase items for the round, so the boosters would buy ammo before the start of this round and use the special weapon as much as possible in order to level it up.

For the ninth round, all that has to be done is to get a weapon from the mystery box. You will also want to buy mule-kick, so you can keep your primary and the Essex. By the end of the round, players would save one zombie, get to the cargo hold and activate the final altar to spawn pack-a-punch. If you can afford it, upgrade the primary and the Essex shotgun as well.

In the tenth challenge, you must survive a round in the flooded cargo hold. What some players do is to keep their back to the areas of fast travel and use their equipment, special weapon and upgraded primary. During this round it is possible to get a stoker, so you’ll want to get his key.

For the eleventh round, you’ll need to have all doors opened in the map. If you have been following the guide, then you should have only four doors to open. If you didn’t get a stoker in the last round, you WILL get one in the eleventh round. Grab his key and go find your Stoker’s chest and start filling it with souls.

With the twelfth challenge, you’ll have to survive a wave of crawlers. You will also want to make progress with filling up those Stoker’s chests. If you manage to fill the second chest, start working on the third one. While searching for the chests, the Call of Duty BO4 boosters would try to craft the crack and upgrade kit in the engine room.

In the thirteenth round, you must possess a re-packed weapon by the end of the round. What boosters do is save a zombie at the end and focusing on packet punching the Essex and bringing it to the max damage. You should have the final Stoker’s chest done OR just now starting to work on it.

For the fourteenth challenge, the player has to survive the round without perks. You should continue maxing the Essex if it’s not fully maxed already and finalizing the final Stoker’s chest.

In the fifteenth challenge, you must survive the entire round on the poop deck, so as soon as you end the fourteenth round, buy Dying wish before going to the poop deck.

At round sixteen, you can only use the Essex again, which should be fully maxed out by now. What some of our boosters do, is heading down into to engine room during the last round, grabbing their Odin perk and continuing the round in the dining hall, using the boiler room’s fast travel.

Round seventeen is simply a headshot round, in which the Essex shotgun is most effective. You can also use the shield/pistol combo.

The eighteenth round is a no power-ups challenge. Avoid using power-ups and try to keep the zombies at distance at all times. Use Wraith fire, so that the power-ups zombies drop are behind you, where you can get them at the end of the round.

In the nineteenth round, the player loses points any time he takes damage. Players tend to have a shield on their back at all times, avoiding getting hurt from behind and using the special weapon to get as many points as they can.

For round twenty it’s The Stoker onslaught in the engine room.

It would be a great idea to repair your shield to avoid taking damage from their ranged attacks while you have your back at them, before heading down there.

For the twenty first challenge the special weapon must be at level 3. It should be maxed out by now, but if it’s not try and get it there.

Before the twenty second challenge starts be sure to have a different ammo type for your weapons. You must kill ten catalyst zombies using the right ammo. Kill a bunch of normal zombies to spawn the catalyst zombies and look if they match your ammo type. Kill them with that exact gun.

In round twenty three the game will spawn you with your starting weapon. What you can do to complete the challenge is ending the previous round close to pack a punch, so you’ll be able to upgrade it right away. You should find and pick up the free Kraken and use it to kill the catalyst zombies. Our boosters often save one zombie, head to the spawn to grab the Essex and upgrade it as much as they can.

For the twenty fourth challenge, the player’s health will decrease with 5 points. To get the health restored, he needs to kill zombies. In that situation the Wraith fire and the Kraken are great choice of weapons.

For the next challenge, players must survive the round without special weapons. Try using the Kraken only in tight situations to save ammo. You can use your equipment and guns to kill the hordes.

The twenty sixth round needs to be completed in two minutes. This is why you should’ve saved the Kraken’s ammo in the previous round. Black Ops 4 boosters would recommend staying at spawn and letting the zombie hordes come to you. Use your special weapon as often as you can.

In the twenty seventh round the players can only use the Essex Model 07 rifle only. Its damage should be maxed at this point. You can use the insta-kill elixir to get the edge.

In the next round, the game will disable your HUD. Avoid using the Kraken and try to survive.

The twenty ninth challenge disables your pack-a-punched weapons. If you didn’t pack- a- punched your kraken, you’ll be able to use it.

For the final round of the Gauntlet mode, the player must clear the grand staircase in order to survive the match. Go all out, use your special weapon as often as possible.

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