How to get tier 200 in the Call of duty Black ops 4 Black market seasonal event.

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Recently, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has added a tier loot system. The system seems to be based off the system used in Fortnite and in Player Unknown Battle Ground. The major changes are that there is no secondary pass the player needs to buy to get all the loot and instead of completing challenges to gain progress, it is based off how much time a player is in a game and whether not the player wins the match.

                Black Market covers multiplayer and Black Out. Sadly though, Zombies is not cover under Black Market. So, you will not gain any progress towards gaining the tiers. It would have been nice if it was included but the loot is multiplayer based. Each tier gives the player loot. There are outfits, warpaint, stickers, tags, calling cards, emblems, emotes, and even weapon skin that changes the full appearance of the weapon. In total there are 200 tiers that the player must get through.

                Recently though, Blacks ops 4 add the COD points system from Black Ops 3 back into the game. At the moment, there is no way to get these points in game. With this addition, they also added special character loot tiers that can be bought with the COD points. You can also now buy tiers with these COD Points. Each tier costs about 100 COD Points. This means, a player would have to have 20,000 COD Points to reach tier 200 if the player was starting from zero. This would cost 200 dollars. They also teased something called Black Jack’s shop. Which might be similar to the store in Black Ops 3. There will also holiday themed events through this system too.

                One thing to keep in mind is that there is a time limit on how long these tier trees are around. So, right now the main tier tree is only going to be around for 37 more days. There are multiple ways of maximizing your time to get the most progress out of it. I find that running long game modes, such as Heist and Control, gives the player more progress towards the Black Market. For example, running two Heist matches and winning will net the player a tier in Black Market. Each match can take up to 5 to 10 minutes to completes. So, with in an hour of playing, the player can get anywhere to 3 to 6 tiers if they win each match. With this sort of maximizing, the player will need anywhere from about 34 hours to around 67 hours.

                Now on the other end, we have Black Out. Basically, the longer you survive in a Black Out match, the more progress is made in the Black Market. The amount of progress made is based off how far the player gets in the match, what type of match they are in (i.e. solo, duo, or squad), and their performance. The exact progress values are still unknown at this point. But, just keep in mind that the more time you put into the game, the more progress will be made.

Here are some tips that will help:

·         Do not try and complete this in one sitting. This will take time, you will burn out and crash.

·         Change up the game modes. Even though you get the most progress out of the longer matches, it is good break it up with some quicker game modes.

·         If you are going to try and tackle Black market through Black Out, squad up. You will have a better time playing with friends then being on your own.

·         Do not spend the $200 worth of coins just on buying the tiers. Save that for when the characters sets come out.

·         Just have fun with it. There is no need to bust a gut trying to complete the tiers there is time and plenty of fun ways of doing it.


Hopefully this small guide helps you clear those tiers and get that next loot drop. All you need to do is play the game. No challenges you must complete, no hoops to jump through. Just have fun with it. Keep in mind, our COD Blackout Boosting Services are always willing to help you. Whether it be getting that next level up or trying to finish out Black Market, please visit our COD Multiplayer leveling Boost tab to see are options. Keep your nose to the grind stone and stay frosty.