Zero specialist guide

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Since launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, specialists classes, in multiplayer, have filled the map with pesky explosive mesh mines, razor wire, microwaving barricades, and plenty of other things that just clutter the map. This new specialist though, might just put a stop to that.

Not that long ago, Black Ops 4’s had a Contraband stream event called “Operation: Absolute Zero”, which has already launched on PlayStation 4 back on December 11. So far, this new Specialist is easy to unlock. All the player needs to do is to complete the first tier of the Contraband stream.

This new specialist is called Zero and she comes equipped with EMP grenades that can briefly distort the enemy’s player heads up display and their equipment cannot be activated. One way around this is equipping the Tactical Mask perk can avoid the disruption. If the player is without this counter, the duration of the effects is only about five seconds long. Zero’s EMP works great against camping players. The only score streak not affected by this is Nomad’s K-9.

Here is the “Icing” on the cake, Zero’s Ice Pick is what makes her a great addition of the game. This ability is tapping furiously at a tablet device to hack the enemy team. This allows player to have the ability to sabotage all active enemy scorestreaks, equipment, and sometimes even the players themselves. Scrambling their Heads Up Display and distorting their view, just like the EMP grenade.

Seems like the best things to hack is scorestreaks and equipment. Scorestreaks can be destroyed by Zero’s hacking ability but hacking into hostile sentry guns and attack choppers can turn them into friendly streaks. Equipment, such as mesh mines and barricades, can also be turned against enemy players. If the opposing team has Zero on their team, this can ruin your match.

Treyarch has already issued a balancing nerf for Zero’s Ice Pick with a patch on December 18 update. This was when Zero will come to PC and Xbox one. Seems like players can still sabotage those high-end streaks, but they’re going to take much longer to hack.

So far, it seems like Zero is a great addition to the game and makes multiplayer feel more balanced. The community agrees as well. If this is any indication on how specialists are going to be added, the future looks great. Hopefully this new specialist breakdown helps. If you need a level up or want to get prepped for league play, please visit out COD Boosting tab for more options. Stay frosty.